New partners sign up for the 2017 GC32 Racing Tour

By on 04 May. 2017

The GC32 Racing Tour has entered into a three year partnership with German lifejacket and sailing clothing manufacturer Marinepool. CEO Robert Stark says: “After a successful six year co-operation with the Extreme Sailing Series, Marinepool has taken the decision to change over to the GC32 Racing Tour. The challenge is to give a new style/image to the existing format. We would like to support and provide GC32 Racing Tour owners and teams with top garments and well as developing new merchandise for them.

“The Marinepool GC32 Racing Tour collection to be introduced at the GC32 Riva Cup will convey the speed, advanced technology and thrill of the GC32 Racing Tour, blending function and fashion into a unique style.”

Marinepool’s technical garments include shirts, trousers and shorts made of highly breathable, water repellent, super flexible fabrics offering unmatched comfort. Hi-tech sailing jackets are made from three-layer waterproof, breathable fabrics to provide ultimate protection from the elements. The collection will include an accessory range including matching bags and caps, etc.

ARMIN STROM Sailing Team partnered with Marinepool two years ago and Flavio Marazzi’s crew has been wearing their gear ever since. “We’re pleased to welcome Marinepool to the GC32 Racing Tour family,” said Marazzi. “Their gear is great. It is very suitable for this new generation of boats. Every position on board has different needs but Marinepool’s range includes everything you might want.”

For the third year, Forward WIP (Water Impact Protection) will be Technical Safety Partner of the GC32 Racing Tour. Foiling catamarans such as GC32s offer unprecedented speed and acceleration but with this comes increased potential for injury. Using technology derived from other high speed sports, such as skiing and cycling, Forward WIP has developed a new generation of protective gear, tailored especially for ultra-high sailing yachts.

“Foiling at 30 knots is thrilling, but you want to have the best equipment for protection,” says Rémi Finiel, MD of Forward WIP. On the GC32 Racing Tour, Forward WIP gear is used by many of the teams and it is also provided to on-board guests.

Photos: Jesus Renedo / GC32 Racing Tour