HRM Racing Team

From Poland is HRM Racing Team of Piotr Harasimowicz, CEO and Founder of IT outsourcing company Vector Synergy.

Like Swiss Foiling Academy in 2021, the team has very similar objectives for its own national sailors. Harasimowicz, who is a lifelong sailor and will helm his GC32, explains: “Its mission is to select, train and introduce selected young Polish dinghy competition sailors for the high-performance sailing competition world.” At present, he says, on board are “the old guys” who range in age from 25-47 while the youngsters, comprising five boys and five girls, are 17-18 and will graduate up to the GC32 as they develop. “I believe the GC32 is the perfect platform to introduce these guys into the high-performance sailing world,” says Harasimowicz.

Crew line-up 2023:

Piotr Harasimowicz – Skipper
Jean-Baptiste Ducamin – Traveler-Tactic / Coach
Benjamin Amiot – Headsail Trimmer / Co-Coach
Łukasz Wosiński – Mainsail Trimmer
Mateusz Błażejak – Flight Controller
Jakub Rodziewicz – Headsail Trimmer
Adrian Dubowski – RIB Support
Adam Bosy – Yacht Club Coordinator