Team Rockwool Racing

Team Rockwool Racing has made its high profile entry as the Danish team in SailGP and has been using the GC32 Racing Tour to help hone the team’s foiling catamaran skills.

Led by the young, highly experienced former match racer/Volvo Ocean Race sailor Nicolai Sehested, the crew line-up includes former SAP Extreme Sailing Team co-skipper Rasmus Køstner and Oracle Team USA wing trimmer Tom Johnson. With such personnel, Sehested says “when we start racing the GC32, hopefully we won’t have to spend too much time learning how to sail it. The GC32 is a boat you can throw around, yet it is still fast and exciting. I think it is really good fun, but the best thing about it is the one design class. You have other identical boats racing against you.”

Sehested eagerly anticipates racing other world class teams such as Alinghi. Team Rockwool Racing also has a strong initiative to develop youth sailing in Denmark. This involves local sailors taking part in ‘Rock the Boat academy’ training sessions.


Nicolai Sehested
Tom Johnson
Rasmus Køstner
Julius Hallström
Hans-Christian Rosendahl