40 knots: GC32 ‘sound barrier’ broken

By on 20 Apr. 2017

Flavio Marazzi and his new crew on ARMIN STROM Sailing Team appear to have broken the GC32 ‘sound barrier’ of 40 knots.

During a training session on Lake Garda today, the Swiss GC32 hit a peak speed of 41.6 knots during a gust. This was the measurement shown on the GPS-based speedo in one of ARMIN STROM Sailing Team’s hulls, while a similar device in the opposite hull showed a peak speed of 39. However, an average of the two speed over the ground readings would indicate that ARMIN STROM has become the first GC32 to break 40 knots. “Maybe it wasn’t 41, but it was fast,” said Marazzi. “Finally we’ve proven that the GC32 can do more than 40 knots.”

At the time ARMIN STROM Sailing Team was sailing in conditions that Marazzi were “big gusts of 26-28 knots – a bit survival sailing, too much for fleet racing…”

In July 2014 on Lake Garda French skipper Seb Col steered a GC32 to a speed of 37.9 knots. This was bettered on Lake Geneva in May 2015 by Alinghi with a speed of 39.21 and then by Team Tilt during the GC32 Racing Tour’s GC32 Riva Cup last May with a speed of 39.7 knots, the previous GC32 record.